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Be tunes’ Library

100 % Royalty Free Music

“Remember, In life, when you’re given anything for free, be grateful ’cause the best and rarest things in life are for free.” Salma Issah

All music on be tunes are under Creative Commons Attribution License.

Anybody can make use of it for commercial and non-commercial projects.

You just have to quote the Artist’s Name and “”.


To use the site, you just need to register. Then you have access to all be tunes’ Library with unlimited free downloads. 

When you are registered, you can add any music to your favorites to listen to it later.

The concept of be tunes is to provide you all the Royalty Free Music you may need and it is 100% Free! You will never pay for music on be tunes.

You can freely listen, download, use, share any be tunes’ music.

As you can only find music under Creative Commons Attribution License (CC-BY), you can download and use it legally.

Be tunes’ Artists opened the rights of their music. So people can share it, download it and use it for free.

“Creative commons” or “Copyleft” is becoming a new license standard.

More and more artists are using that particular license.

The music are especially suitable for video production, for different kinds of performing arts… so we believe you will make a good use of it!