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About Us

“Listen… Enjoy… Use…”



Welcome to be tunes!


Why be tunes?


Be tunes is a new way to enjoy music.

It is an oppotunity for Artists, all over the world, to become more famous by offering their works to people.

If you like an Artist, you can go to his concert and follow him on social networks.


Many people in the music business think that internet killed the job.

We think that internet is a luck for musicians, composers and songwriters.


Everyone knows that in the music field, an Artist have to earn money on stage. Performing, not recording, is where the money is for most Artists.

With be tunes, Artists can offer their works to people for free. If someone likes it he can listen to it and use it for a project without copyright restrictions.


The music on be tunes are absolutely free.


All works are under Creative Commons Attribution License which allows you to use it on any kind of project: Youtube channels, Facebook, Commercials, Film / Movie, Documentary, Animated FilmChoreography, Internet Radio, Visual Art


To use the site, you just have to register (It takes only one minute) then you have access to all be tunes music library.

If you want to use a music for your project, you just have to quote the Name of the Author(s)/Performer(s) & the Name of “”. (See FAQ)

It will help Artists to be promoted worldwide.


Of course, all Artists can submit music to be tunes.

The only restriction is to use a Creative Commons Attribution License for all pieces of music submitted to be tunes.


Be tunes’ library is updated every 15 days.


How to use be tunes?


1- Login / Register

You need to be logged in to have all access of be tunes services.


2- Search for Music

You can search music by “genre/type“, “style“, “mood” and “tempo


3- Add to Downloads or Favorites

If you add a music to downloads, the music is immediately added to your “download cart”. You will never pay for music on be tunes.

Then you can continue listening and selecting music to add to your “download cart”.


You can also add a music to your favorites.

If you are on a work page, you can add the music to your favorites by clicking on “add to favorites”.

Your favorites is the place where you can find easily the music you like or the music you are using for a project.


4- Checkout

When you want to download the selected music, go to checkout.

You will always see a Total = 0 euros !

Then click on the Download button


5- Download

In the “Order details” you can download the music by clicking on the Download link under “Product”



If you have any question about the use of the site, feel free to contact us at