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Elizabeth Devon

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Elizabeth DEVON


Elizabeth is an exciting force in the Carolina music scene, receiving shining reviews for her project, Half Strangers, and grabbing the attention of TuneCore, the International Songwriting Competition and international music blogs with her effortless sense of pop songwriting and arrangement.


Described as a mix of ‘Sade-meets-Lucinda Williams-meets-Mazzy Star’ Devon’s diverse influences are apparent. Elements of soul, alternative and pop are delivered with a sultry edge and powerful vocals that contrast with the singer’s quiet and reserved demeanor.


Through her nearly 10 year journey, she has opened for incredibly varied acts from country rockers American Aquarium, Kim Manning (George Clinton’s touring vocalist) and Da Baddest Bitch herself, Trina.

She has played dive bars, theaters and festival stages and throughout the Southeast and even as far as Berlin, Germany where she recorded her second EP, As of Late.

“It’s safe to say I have a very healthy sense of wanderlust” she explains with a laugh.

“The hardest thing for me so far has been to stay in one place long enough to be productive.”


Now in her late 20s, Devon Elizabeth has been able to transition into a working musician and is ready to dig her roots into the thriving Carolina music scene. Plans for the upcoming year include releasing a series of suites leading up to the release of a full length album, as well as touring regionally.